Creating a Meaningful Tribute

When a loved one dies, the most important part of our service is assisting you through the many choices you need to make. Whether you select burial or cremation, together we can create a tribute that is healing and meaningful based on your traditions, beliefs, and budget.

We also provide assistance with document filing – Social Security, insurance, and veterans’ benefits – and are especially proud of our ability to help families add personal touches that commemorate the life that has been lived.

Special Touches That Tell the Story of a Life

Every person is different, and every life story is unique. You can make your tribute more memorable, and more personal, by choosing services that communicate the accomplishments and characteristics that made your loved one so special to you. You might consider:
  • Memory boards
  • Displays of personal items
  • Personalized DVD video tributes
  • Special music selections
  • Memorial release of doves or butterflies
  • Bagpiper or bugler at the graveside service

There are so many ways to celebrate the joys and accomplishments of a life. Please ask about all the available choices.